Taking better photos with your phone

Taking better photos with your phone doesn’t have to be hard or complicated!   The truth is this, visually appealing photos are necessary when it comes to social media.  When looking to grab the attention of followers you need to first get them with their eye. Follow these tips and your Instagram feed will be full of pretty photos in no time!

Get it in Focus – Just like with your camera it’s important to get your subject in focus.  This may sound like common sense but I’ve seen lots of photos posted that are blurry and trust me it was not intentional!  Most phones now make this easier than ever.  Hold your finger on the screen where you want to focus for a second and the camera will grab focus.

It’s all about Light – Use natural light as much as possible, it’s the most flattering.  Avoid flash like the plague!   If its too dark where you are, open blinds or curtains or move closer to the window.  If that isn’t going to work do the best you can with artificial lights in the room.  I usually turn on a lamp and just plan ahead that I will be making the photo black and white. To adjust the light in camera touch the screen for a second in the darkest area to lighten.  Holding it will also bring up a light slider where you can pull up to brighten or down to darken. There are times I don’t want the overall photo bright and will use this slider to adjust it where I want it.  The more you adjust it before taking the photo, the easier it will be to edit and better it will look.

Move your Feet – Avoid using your camera’s zoom feature for better quality photos. If you feel like you are too far away from your subject, move closer.

Consider your Backdrop – Your background is just as important as the subject itself.  A clean, clutter-free background is always going to look better in photos.  You want your eye to be drawn to the subject not the pile of mail laying next to it. Shove that stuff out of the way or pick a different angle that doesn’t show the chaos. For close product shots I like to use props.  Sometimes its the wood dining table, a colorful piece of paper, or a soft blanket.  Just be aware of the background you have in your photo.

Try new Things – Take a variety of shots using different angles and pick the best one to share.

Follow the Rule of Thirds – Composition is just as important as lighting and background. You want to draw their eye in to your subject immediately.  The rule of thirds is the principle that divides your photo into thirds. Imagine a grid with lines running horizontal and vertically so that it creates 9 boxes. You want to place your subject where these lines intersect. You don’t want to place your subject in the center, but rather at points of intersection where it is more visually appealing to the eye.

Crop it like its Hot – So I said don’t use your zoom and I meant it but there are times you go to post a photo and realize there is something distracting in the photo. Assuming its minor and on the edge just crop it out!

Always edit your Photos – There are a wide variety of apps to edit photos on your phone.  It polishes off a photo and helps make it stand out and can make an ok photo amazing. My personal favorites are VSCO and Afterlight.  Whatever you decide, be consistent!  When you open your Instagram feed do your photos have the same overall feel and look? Are they consistent to your brand? Pick a style you like and stick with it, whether thats matte, light & airy, dark & moody, or bright and fun. Your photos are an extension of you and your brand and need to represent that all the time.

Hope this helps!   Just like anything else lots of practice helps!  Follow me on Instagram at INSTAGRAM.COM/JESSICAVAUGHN4

A few more apps I love:

A Beautiful Mess and Word Swag for adding text to photos

Snapbook for adding frames and embellishments

Boomerang for creating fun videos

Instapicframe for creating collages

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