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Alright so clearly I have an obsession with mermaids but this mermaid skin diy liquid highlighter is AMAZING!   I love a good subtle glow all over especially in summer!  You can change up the colors to be whatever you like but I went with a rose gold color to accentuate my summer tan.  In the winter I will likely swap them out for silver and lavender.  You can even add some essential oils if you want to have some scent and get the benefits of essential oils!

This is SO easy to make!  I like to use a dropper bottle like this one to be able to add the shimmer just the places I want versus a spray bottle.  You also need some mica powder, and rosehip oil, and some grape seed oil.  You can really use any oils you like but I love grape seed because its cheap and rosehip is thicker and keeps it from being too watery but is also amazing for your skin!

First fill your bottle about halfway with rosehip oil and then with a funnel add in your mica powder colors.  I did about 1 teaspoon of each color.  You may have to tap the funnel a bit to get it down into the bottle.  Then fill the rest with grape seed leaving a little room at the top to be able to shake.  And thats it!  Just shake it up before each use.  You can use this on your body and your face.  Its also possible to make a bigger bottle of this you can use all over your body instead of adding it to subtle highlight areas.

If you want to make your own labels for your bottles I use a Curio Sillhouette and its so easy!


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