DIY face anti aging face serum and under eye serum

I love a good face and eye serum and had a little extra time to make this DIY. I don’t have time to always make things DIY but when I have the extra time I do love to get something together I can try out!  I loved the face cream I was using before but really wanted something more of a serum I could use nightly to get glowing skin.  I’ve always tried to work really hard to keep my skin glowing and good now so that I can slow the aging process.  This serum is AMAZING for all skin types and really helps me bring things in balance and slow down the aging process. I love having the eye serum in this roller so I can just roll it over my under eyes and then massage it in and around my entire eye area.

First lets talk about these adorable glass bottles!  When using essential oils its important that you are using bottles that block out light and preserve the quality of your oils.  I love all things black and these bottles are perfect for me!  The glass is solid and they are much higher quality than any other brand I’ve tried.  I am in LOVE!  You can find them at INFINITY JARS.

Face Serum:  I use jojoba as a carrier.  The reason I chose this carrier is because it closely mimics the skins natural oils. Its also really good for acne and anti aging on its own so along with the oils I’m multiplying the power and it contains Vitamin E and B Complex.  😉

I use THIS BOTTLE for my face serum and add 3-4 drops each of Sacred Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Rose. After I’ve put the drops of Essential oils in I top it off with my jojoba.  You can also use Rosehip or Grape seed oil if you prefer.  I only use Young Living essential oils because I know I can trust their purity!

Eye Serum:  4 drops each of Frankincense, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile.  Top off with carrier oil.  I use THIS ROLLER.

I keep both of these bottles next to my bedside and just do 2-3 pumps of the face serum and massage in my face in the evening and then roll the eye serum along my under eye and massage in upwards movements.  Its so easy to do every evening while I’m laying in bed watching tv!

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